23 Kids Who Got Detention For The Awesomest Reasons Ever

21 Perfect Engagement Announcements You Will Want to Copy

You, too, can be as cool as these people.

25 Utterly Stunning Sentences From Great Literature

Do you agree?

28 Gorgeous Tattoos All Book-Lovers Must See

Books can have a real impact on you.

17 Unintentionally Disturbing Moments From Children's Books


35 Beautiful Tattoos Inspired By Books From Your Childhood

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24 Easy Pinterest Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

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21 Pinterest Nail Artists Who Definitely Did Not 'Nail It'

Just no.

29 Pinterest Home Decor Projects You Should Definitely Never Make

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15 Pinterest Recipes That Definitely Aren't Worth It

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The 23 Worst Children's Book Titles In The World


33 Pics That Will Give You Some Peace For Once In Your Life

Ohhh yeah.

If You Have One of These Names, You Are Probably Getting Married This Year

Look out, all you Nicoles and Jennifers.

27 People Who Should Never Be Allowed On A Plane Again

Someone, please put these guys on the no-fly list.

29 Pinterest Projects Ain't Nobody Got Time For

Life is too short to spend making pistachio shells look like a flower.

17 People Who Died In Unbelievable Ways

We all go. Some people go more oddly than others.

17 Cosplay Costumes Disney Fans MUST See

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17 "Girly" Things All Guys Secretly Love

There's nothing that says dudes can't like these things EXCEPT SOCIETY.

23 Insanely Adorable Cosplaying Kids

Little ones can enjoy Comic-Con too!

15 Totally Overrated Classic Novels

Why are these even classics??

17 Ways You Know That You And Your BFF Are Almost TOO Close

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15 People Who Had The Luckiest Day Ever

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13 Grammar Pet Peeves You Can Never Get Over


12 Ways to Spruce Up a Room On the Cheap

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19 Things You MUST Have to Survive Coachella

You NEED everything on this list. I promise.

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