Which Jeff Goldblum Are You?

There have been many Jeff Goldblums over the years, and of course, they're all amazing - but which one are YOU?

1 (of 10)

How do you do coffee?

2 (of 10)

Which of these places would you most like to travel to?

3 (of 10)

Pick one of these plants.

4 (of 10)

Which of these pets sounds most appealing (regardless of the pet you do or do not have)?

5 (of 10)

Which of these snacks is most appealing to you?

6 (of 10)

What superpower would you most enjoy?

7 (of 10)

Pick the shoes that fit you best.
(And then, if the shoe fits, wear it.)

8 (of 10)

How do you handle your enemies?

9 (of 10)

Which Oscar-nominated actress is your celeb crush?

10 (of 10)

Pick your favorite band of the following:

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