Which Scandal Character Are You?

Everyone on the totally crazy soap Scandal is a wonderful, terrible person - and we all keep watching! Put on a funk song while you take this quiz to set the mood.

1 (of 9)

Which of these was the last drink you had?

2 (of 9)

Pick one of these coats.

3 (of 9)

Which Beyonce song is your jam?

4 (of 9)

Pick a method of travel.

5 (of 9)

What makes you laugh the most?

6 (of 9)

What did you have for breakfast?

7 (of 9)

Pick a piece of furniture that most speaks to you.

8 (of 9)

Which US city would you most like to live in?

9 (of 9)

Which of these presents would you most like to receive from someone?

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