Which Back to the Future Character Are You?

by Anna Marquardt

Do you belong in 1985 or 1955? Are you cutting a rug at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance - or up on stage? Find out with this quiz!

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Pick your favorite shoe:

2 (of 9)

Pick a Huey Lewis song:

3 (of 9)

How do you usually get around?

4 (of 9)

Pick a US city:

5 (of 9)

Pick one of these burgers:

6 (of 9)

What's your favorite kind of weather?

7 (of 9)

Which of these is your fave 80s movie?

8 (of 9)

Pick a theme for the dance:

9 (of 9)

If you had a DeLorean, what year would you travel to?

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