Which 'Orange Is The New Black' Character Are You?

Which table will you sit at in the cafeteria? Are you going to make prison friends...or prison enemies? Find out with this quiz!

1 (of 9)

Pick an ice cream treat:

2 (of 9)

You want to dole out some punishment to someone who's wronged you, BREAKFAST SANDWICH STYLE.
How do you do it?

3 (of 9)

Pick your prison nickname:

4 (of 9)

Pick a shoe:

5 (of 9)

You're working in the electric shop. What tool do you accidentally (or "accidentally") swipe?

6 (of 9)

It's movie night! Pick a Julia Roberts movie:

7 (of 9)

Time for a Thanksgiving feast! Pick your favorite food:

8 (of 9)

Dance party! Pick a Cher song:

9 (of 9)

You're getting reassigned! Pick your ideal bunkie:

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