Which 'Sesame Street' Muppet Are You?

Do you live in a nest or a trash can? What are your feelings on cookies? Find out which Muppet is your counterpart with this quiz!

1 (of 9)

What are your
pajamas like?

2 (of 9)

Which of these is your favorite animal?

3 (of 9)

What superpower
would you pick?

4 (of 9)

Pick a dessert.

5 (of 9)

What's bathtime
like for you?

6 (of 9)

The phone is ringing!!
What do you do?

7 (of 9)

What country would you like to visit?

8 (of 9)

If you were in a band,
you'd be...

9 (of 9)

Your Halloween costume is most likely to be:

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