Which 'Wizard of Oz' Character Are You?

Do you need a brain, a heart, or the nerve? Do you just want to get home? Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Find out with this quiz!

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When faced with a natural disaster (like a tornado), you:

2 (of 9)

Which color brick road would you like?

3 (of 9)

Pick a pair of shoes.

4 (of 9)

The Lollipop Guild is here! Which flavor of lollipop would you like?

5 (of 9)

You're at the club and the bouncer tries to stop you. You:

6 (of 9)

Which kind of tree are you?

7 (of 9)

Which spa treatment would you like right now?

8 (of 9)

What's your favorite way to travel?

9 (of 9)

What is your ideal home like?

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