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Like, Wow, Man. 10 Marijuana Edibles That Go Way Past Cookies And Brownies

Yo, dawg, we heard you like to get high and eat pizza, so we put weed in your pizza so you can get high while you eat pizza.

An emergency kit for when you just can't peel yourself off the couch to hit the Del Taco drive-thru.

Yeah, that's a cannabis-infused chocolate peanut butter cup topped with bacon - deal with it.

You'll get toasted if you spread this on your toast. There's a HAZElnut joke hiding in there too...

Although you have other, less labor intensive options available if you absolutely must have weed for breakfast.

Or, if you're in the mood for barbecue, this stoney sauce will have you (and your meat) chillin' and grillin'.

But if you're too blazed to fire up the grill, just grab some "reef jerky" to satisfy your weed-tainted meat cravings, which are not at all weird.

You might feel like you're floating if you use these in an ice cream float.

Speaking of marijuana-laced ice cream, what would you do for a Krondike bar? Probably eat another Krondike bar.

Put one of these strips on your tongue and it'll melt. Put three or four and so will you.

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