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27 People Who Are Definitely Having a Worse Day Than You


1. This drunk dude who just wanted pizza.

source: Viral Nova

2. This guy's dad.

source: High Octane Humor

3. This resourceful soldier.

source: Smosh

4. This wedding party right BEFORE the ceremony.

source: Offbeat

5. This home decor enthusiast.

6. This little guy who can't see light at the end of the tunnel.

source: Offbeat

7. This cat who is not enjoying the carry-on experience.

source: Pinterest

8. Mom and Dad.

source: Barnorama

9. This kid. And his grandpa.

source: Bad Sentinel

10. This kitty who doesn't understand.

source: Buzzfeed

11. This twisting mom.

source: High Octane Humor

12. This car owner.

source: Ruthless Humor

13. This cow.

14. Eric.

source: Happy Place

15. This kitten who is not amused by your nonsense.

source: Offbeat

16. This lady who fell asleep eating breakfast.

source: Distractify

17. This equally oblivious sunbather.

source: Pinterest

18. This chap whose safari just got terrifying.

source: Pleated Jeans

19. This dog owner who knows his day just became MUCH MUCH WORSE.

source: Diply

20. This sad pie-maker.

source: Diply

21. This victim of irony.

source: Diply

22. This victim of wedding drama.

source: Diply.

23. This forgetful shopper.

source: Diply

24. This lady who just wants a quiet dinner.

source: Diply

This guy whose dishes are still dirty.

source: Diply

26. This person who REALLY wanted that cold soda.

source: Diply

27. This dude who is in serious need of rescuing.

source: Diply

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