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15 Reasons Kids Are Literally The Worst Roommates Ever


1. Every time you get a package, this happens.

source: Via Diapers and Divinity

2. This is how they eat. ALL the time. Disgusting.

source: Via Distraction Network

3. They don't take Spaghetti Night seriously.

source: Via Smoking Gun PR

4. This happens every time they try to bake.

source: Via Nerdy With Children

5. Every. Time.

source: Via Toddler Apocalypse

6. They will make you part of their art project without asking.

source: Via Parent Dish

7. They do not respect your kitchen system.

source: Via Toddler Apocalypse

8. They do not respect ANYTHING of yours.

source: Via Caleb and Johanna

9. They will come inside the house like this. Animals.

source: Via Notable Blogger

10. This was a couch once.

source: Via Parent Dish

11. They eat ALL your peanut butter.

source: Via Mamamia

12. AND your goldfish crackers.

source: Via Mom.me

13. They are tiny little monsters.

source: Via Mom.me

14. And they have no souls.

source: Via Babycenter

15. And even when they try to clean up: this happens.

source: Via Parent Dish

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