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17 Insanely Giant 80s Bangs That Will Fill You With Awe And Wonder


1. Giant waterfall bangs go with everything.

source: Via Ellen

2. Long hair? Make your bangs look like a chrysanthemum.

source: Via Splatter

3. Short hair? Make your whole head look like a chrysanthemum.

source: Via Yukon Mom

4. You know what goes good with a mullet? SERIOUS BANGS.

source: Via kimberlymeador on Instagram

5. For some reason this is making me crave ramen noodles.

source: Via Bakuland


source: Via Bellas Vitas

7. This cutie has not just height, but FORWARD VOLUME. She'll never walk into a wall. Her hair will stop her.

source: Via jennlacy21 on Instagram

8. She used one whole can of AquaNet per day, but it was worth it.

source: Via City Data

9. Not sure about going all the way? Just do half. It looks half as cool.

source: Via Misselanious Life

10. She was embarrassed about how small her bangs were, so she overcompensated with the rest of her hair.

source: Via Bakuland

11. I seriously thought she had a dog on her head.

source: Via KJ Konkin

12. She wanted to be able to kill a man with her bangs. She got her wish.

source: Via Junk In Their Trunk

13. The ol' Up and Back, a classic.

source: Via Exploits of a Military Mama


source: Via Coupons

15. Even celebrities could not escape this trend. Demi, why?

source: Via Style Today

16. Janet, how?

17. I'm not sure what trends of today we'll look back on with concern, but one thing's for sure: no one today has donut bangs.

source: Via Case Nightmare Green

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