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15 Breakfast Pinterest Fails That You'd Never Want To Wake Up To


1. You ruined bacon.

source: Via Take Lessons

2. Serve this to your child so they have something to discuss in therapy later.

source: Via Take Lessons

3. I have tried this one myself and it turned out about as well as this person's.

source: Via Foodbeast

4. These have literally never worked.

source: Via Bored Panda


source: Via Pinterest Fail

7. Nope. I can't look at this. I can't.

source: Via Pinterest Fail

9. I would PROBABLY still eat these.

source: Via Take Lessons

10. This is someone VERY forgetful trying to make pancakes.

source: Via Pinterest Fail

11. So sad.

source: Via Memebase

12. We were going for Star Wars, but we got the gimp from Pulp Fiction.

source: Via Jennifer Elliott

13. Both versions of this are pretty nightmarish.

source: Via Craftfail

14. I think this is actually a cookie, but we've all had cookies for breakfast.

source: Via Take Lessons


source: Via Take Lessons

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