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The 17 Worst Netflix Suggestion Fails Ever Recorded


1. When you have hunger, you eat breakfast. Duh.

source: Via lovestruckllama on Instagram

2. They both tell the tale of looking for someone. Only one has a happy ending.

source: Via nicolainp on Instagram

3. They both deal with...butts.

source: Via Buzzfeed

4. Kate Winslet IS white.

source: Via electroerica on Instagram

5. Lucille Bluth = Hitler?

source: Via nintendorev on Instagram

6. Donnie Darko and Bob's Burgers are both alliterative.

source: Via custozzo on Instagram

7. "Like ghosts? Try the Holy Spirit!"

source: Via christophersimp on Instagram

8. It's hard out here, both for a pimp AND for Ducky.

source: Via vangabus on Instagram

10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Good Burger both have scenes involving bloody meat.

source: Via steviewonder2 on Instagram

12. They're both about delusional megalomaniacs - Patrick Bateman and Mugatu.

source: Via chaaarlespeck on Instagram

13. Is there a baby in Paranormal Activity 4? That's all I got.

source: Via amandanoelf on Instagram

14. Have you really looked at those trains? THEY ARE TERRIFYING.

source: Via Buzzfeed

15. I bet I could build a Nazi Mega Weapon out of Lego.

source: Via Cheezburger

16. This one actually makes sense.

source: Via Buzzfeed

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