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50 Awesomely Beautiful State Tattoos


1. Alabama

These two childhood pals got this outline of their home state, along with a quote from Bukowski.

source: Via Josh Lafayette

2. Alaska

The Northern Lights make an appearance in this gorgeous tat.

source: Via Tattoo Donkey

3. Arizona

With bonus state flag.

source: Via Tattoo Donkey

4. Arkansas

This isn't the state tree, but this sure is gorgeous colorwork.

source: Via Tattoos By Katie

5. California

So many things packed into one awesome tat!

source: Via Tattoo Inspiration

6. Colorado

The outline of the state isn't too thrilling, so this person went for a flag stego. Props.

source: Via Iron Bette Tattoo

7. Connecticut

Home is where the anatomically correct heart is.

source: Via Flickr

8. Delaware

This is actually a quote from a song by a CANADIAN band, but it's just so gorgeous.

source: Via Favreault

9. Florida

Not everything from Florida is totally bonkers.

source: Via TBO

10. Georgia

The state bird is the brown thrasher, and the state flower the Cherokee rose.

source: Via Deviantart

11. Hawai'i

Each island on its own branch.

source: Via Tattdiz

12. Idaho

A simple design for a Boisean.

source: Via Pinterest

13. Illinois

This is the Chicago Transit Authority map laid over a map of the state - not to scale, of course! Can you imagine how long it would take to ride the El to Wisconsin?

source: Via Caitlin McKay

14. Indiana

Lyrics from a Chase Coy song adorn this state tat.

source: Via Cool Tattoos

15. Iowa


source: Via Archery Talk

16. Kansas

Love the style of this one.

source: Via Kate's in a Pickle

17. Kentucky

This is from a very cool project called The Lexington Tattoo Project - a bunch of Lexingtonians got phrases from a poem tattooed on their bodies, the tattoos were photographed, and a short film of the poem was put together. Awesome!

source: Via MHP Books

18. Louisiana

Fleur-de-Lis, naturally.

source: Via Deviantart

19. Maine

Wicked cool.

source: Via Strange Maine

20. Maryland

The outline of Maryland is a challenging one, so this flag crab makes a great alternative.

source: Via Dave Wah

21. Massachusetts

Gorgeous lettering.

source: Via Tattoo Road Trip

22. Michigan

Very cool use of negative space on this one!

source: Via Club 93.7

23. Minnesota

Land of 10,000 Lakes, and this lake tattoo.

source: Via Jackalope Tattoo

24. Mississippi

The state flower is the magnolia - here's a very cool traditional tattoo take on them.

source: Via Pinterest

25. Missouri

This is really more of a Kansas City tattoo than Missouri, but it sure is cool.

source: Via 10 Most

26. Montana

This cool ink combines the state's outline and an awesome grizzly.

source: Via Check Out My Ink

27. Nebraska

This quirky illustration style shows off Nebraska's beautiful plains.

source: Via pidivn

28. Nevada

This amazing piece by Justin Brooks incorporates both Nevada AND California.

source: Via Tattoo Spin

29. New Hampshire

The state's motto is so hardcore.

source: Via Deviantart

30. New Jersey

What's most impressive about this is this is his WHOLE SIDE. Jersey pride!

source: Via You Don't Know Jersey

31. New Mexico

This very simple design combines the state outline and its flag.

source: Via Pinterest

32. New York

Not everyone in New York lives in New York City.

source: Via JS Zolliker

33. North Carolina

I've never been to Raleigh, but I'm sure it's very nice.

source: Via Next Beyond

34. North Dakota

This tattoo was done in Bismarck, North Dakota, by Lea Fisher.

source: Via Tattoo Inspiration Blog

35. Ohio

This outline of Ohio looks like it's waiting for something.

source: Via Check Out My Ink

36. Oklahoma

Tattoos were banned in Oklahoma until 2006.

source: Via Chacha

37. Oregon

This gorgeous design combines several Oregon landmarks.

source: Via Grass City

38. Pennsylvania

Sweet lettering on this Philly-lovin' tattoo.

source: Via Pinterest

39. Rhode Island

The colors in this one are awesome!

source: Via Mom and Pop Tattoo

40. South Carolina

Another design that incorporates the state flag along with the outline.

source: Via Tattoos by EMS

41. South Dakota

One of the state's most famous landmarks, Mount Rushmore, makes a majestic tattoo.

source: Via Check Out My Ink

42. Tennessee

This state outline is formed in part by irises.

source: Via Pinterest

43. Texas

The yellow rose of Texas - in black and white.

source: Via Pinterest

44. Utah

Utah's nickname is the "Beehive State."

source: Via Sweetneedles

45. Vermont

The name of each county in Vermont forms the proper shape of that county! What a cool illustration.

source: Via Windshield Diaries

46. Virginia

Virginia is for (basketball) lovers.

source: Via Brandon's Tattoos

47. Washington

I'm calling it. This one is my favorite.

source: Via Pinterest

48. West Virginia

West Virginia, mountain mama.

source: Via Pinterest

49. Wisconsin


source: Via Off the Map Tattoo

50. Wyoming

This bucking horse is actually a registered trademark of the state of Wyoming! It also appears on their license plates.

source: Via Tattoo

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