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19 Absolutely Horrifying Works of Food Art


1. The Black Widow Burger is VERY popular.

source: Vuing

2. This is a cake. A CAKE, PEOPLE.

source: Bored Panda

3. This is disrespectful to sushi, centipedes, and lobsters.

source: Menopausel Supermodel

4. I'm mellllltinnnngggg.

source: Foodbeast

5. Frankenshoe.

source: Design Swan

6. This is bread.

source: The Telegraph

7. Snickercthulhu.

source: 3x6

8. This looks like it belongs in a dungeon.

source: Sick Chirpse

9. One thing I like about cakes is that most of them don't have wigs on.

source: Sick Chirpse

10. Is that SPAM?

source: CD Japan

11. The fact that it's eating that parsley is a nice/terrifying touch.

source: Sick Chirpse


source: CD Japan


source: Instant Shift

14. I had a nightmare like this once.

source: Foodface the Blog

15. You should sue your manicurist.

source: Bored Panda


source: Bored Panda

17. Chicken wings don't deserve this.

source: We Heart It

18. I had no idea meat shoes were so popular.

source: Instructables

19. This makes me go D:

source: Nas Food Travelogue

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