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27 Pumpkin Spice Products That Make No Sense At All


1. Mmm, your breath is so...PumpSpi fresh.

source: The Impulsive Buy

2. Pumpkin Spice Oreos. It was bound to happen.

source: Consumerist

3. Pumpkin spice milk...to dip your Oreos in.

source: Julie is Coco and Cocoa

4. ...and the dairy-free among us have an option too!

source: Pumpkin Hello

5. I'm sorry, WHAT???

source: Rossi Pasta


source: The Impulsive Buy

7. Great for snacking?!?!

source: Callie Cooks

8. I looked for these for months, but never found them. I JUST WANTED TO KNOW.

source: Love Me Some Pumpkin

9. Obviously.

source: Luka's Liquor's STL

10. ...or, for the more hardcore: PUMPSPI MOONSHINE.

source: Find the Best

11. If the kids want in on the fun, here's a non-alcoholic sparkling PumpSpi apple juice. Sure.

source: The Impulsive Buy

12. For a serious PumpSpi experience, get these bagels...

source: NY Writers Coalition

13. ...and spread them with this cream cheese.

source: Mom's Thumb

14. What. WHY?

source: Real Food RN

15. I feel you, Orange M&M.

source: Junk Food Guy

16. I'm not mad at this.

source: Flavor Scientist

17. I am, however, mad at this.

source: The Smartest and His Artist

18. ...and this.

source: Motivation by Chocolate

19. I don't know what a Jif Whip is, but I'd probably eat it.

source: Run Eat Play

20. I WOULD eat this but also I would be horrified.

source: Love Bakes Good Cakes

21. This is billed as a "Pumpkin Spice Sweet Burrito," which makes me wonder if this person has ever eaten a burrito.

source: The Lean Queen

22. Not you too, Milano!

source: The Impulsive Buy

23. I don't like this.

source: The Impulsive Buy

24. No.

source: Foodbeast

25. Of course, it's not just food that can come in PumpSpi versions.

source: Beauty's Spot

26. Yum! Vegetable butters! Wait, this is soap.

source: Swanson Vitamins

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