This Olympian Will Ski In A Mariachi Suit. And That's Not The Craziest Thing About Him.

Which of the following sounds most implausible?

1. That Mexico will be competing in the alpine skiing competition at this year's Olympics.
2. That their skier is named Hubertus von Hohenlohe.
3. That he is a prince.
4. That he was born in Mexico because his father introduced Volkswagens to the country of Mexico.
5. That he is also a POP SINGER known as Andy Himalaya and Royal Disaster.
6. That he is 55 years old.

Here he is in 2005, but his hair was in 1975. AP Photo/Ronald Zak

These things are ALL TRUE, my friends, and the best part is that he is skiing in a SKINTIGHT MARIACHI SUIT in the Olympics.

via NBCOlympics

Mr. von Hohenlohe assures the world that he is not just some skiing playboy gallivanting about:
"I can understand how they would think that this rich prince bought himself into the Olympics so that he can show off his cool racing suits, or whatever," he said. "I am not hiding behind a pile of money to realize my dreams. I have Mexican roots. Skiing is a sport where you really have to do it yourself. You have to stand on those two wooden things and come down the mountain and do the turns and do the work. It's hard to qualify. I hope Mexicans are proud to have someone at the Olympics and, through that hopefully they get to know who I am."

We'll see how he does on the slopes - but he's certainly already won the contest for "Best Pop Singer Pseudonyms."

via NBCOlympics, Wikpedia

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