Aww! This Baby Was Born In The Middle Of Atlanta's Freak Snow Storm.

Baby "Grace" is good news amid bad weather.

The bundle of joy above was delivered on Interstate 285 smack dab in the middle of a rare blast of snow that brought traffic in the ATL sliding to a halt Tuesday. Newser reports:

Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose says the baby girl was delivered late yesterday afternoon. It's unclear if her parents were headed to the hospital when they got stuck in the horn-honking snarl that caused 30-minute commutes to turn into hours-long odysseys.

"I could see the baby head like it was crowning so I went back to my car to get my first aid kit and some gloves, and when I got back to the car the head had popped out," said an officer who aided the parents at the scene.

Speaking of scenes, here are some pics of the icy mess that had unsuspecting drivers in Georgia freaking out earlier this week:

Via Newser.