9 Truly Terrifying Vintage Super Bowl Party Recipes

On Super Bowl day there are only two food groups: dips and grilled things.

Back in 1967, when the Super Bowl began, America was surfing a wave of convenience foods that put a new and gross twist on your favorite Game Day buffet foods. Here are the key 1960s dishes for your Super Bowl buffet:

1. Mustard "Dip." (1960s Rule: All Dips Must Be Molded.)

Dinner Is Served recipe card, 1972..

2. Football Shaped "Dip."

3. Canned Grill Meats.

4. Burgers: Classic Superbowl Food!


5. Hot Dogs With Convenient, Hermetically-Sealed Sauce Sachet.


6. Reminder: Molded Dips.


7. 1960s Dips Suck if You're in Weight Watchers.


8. Potato Salad, Buffet Staple. Obviously Must Serve IN A MOLD.


9. Molded Canned Meat Covered in Dip. Combines All 1960s Party Food Trends.


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