Want To Sneak Your Booze Anywhere? Try Hiding It In Your Tampon. No, For Real.

You're a gal on the go who wants to have fun and save money when you go out, right? Right. Maybe you take a flask with you to clubs, football games, or boring work meetings, but everyone can CLEARLY tell you're toting booze around in there. Now you don't have to be so obvious about it - with these Tampon Stealth Flasks!

Sold in packs of five (a classic number to sell sets in), these tampon flasks will allow you to have a great time - anywhere! It's easy:

They're not really "tampons" as much as "test tubes"

First, fill up your "tampons" with the booze of your choice. Try grain alcohol for the biggest "kick!"

This gal's keeping it classy with Dewar's

Then, TELL NO ONE what you've done.

LOL, it's a secret


If you have a bandeau top AND a cowboy hat, then it's a party. Add a purse to make it EXTRA party.

If you try these, PLEASE let us know. (We're not recommending it. But we ARE curious.)

h/t Gothamist