11 Hilarious Negative 5-Star Reviews of the Flappy Birds iPhone Game

Flappy Bird is a dumb iPhone game, like legions of dumb iPhone games before it. You play as a little bird who might best be described as "not actually THAT flappy." You avoid green pipes. If you hit a pipe, your bird dies. Simple, right?

Apparently not. The game has risen to #1 in the app store (for free apps, anyway), not because it's simple, but because it's incredibly infuriating. The almost 400,000 reviews are predominantly four-star ones, even though everyone playing it seems to wish they'd never started playing it in the first place. Let's take a look at some of the most colorful, outlandish reviews of this life-ruining game.
It's barely a bird at all.

It's more like a chicken nugget with a face.

It's terrible at flying.

It makes you want to cause harm to innocent things, like babies.

Or kittens.

It makes people haul out the Hitler comparisons.

It's straight from Hell.

It will make you want to commit arson.

It will infect you.

It will devour you.

It will overtake us all.

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