Did You Catch Every Awesome 80s Reference in That Radio Shack Super Bowl Ad?

One of our favorite ads from yesterday's football contest was the self-deprecating Radio Shack spot, which opens with two Radio Shack employees receiving an ACTUAL call from the '80s, who say they want their store back. Here's the full spot:

Did you know who everyone was? Check them all out below!
1. Boomboxes

I liked that the opening shot had signs for Boom Boxes and Fax Machines. Also, these guys are perfectly cast.

2. Mary Lou Retton

First female gymnast NOT from Eastern Europe to win gold in the Individual All-Around. USA! USA!

3. Kid...

AND Play.

Ummmm, you've SEEN House Party, right? RIGHT?

4. The California Raisins (and Devo)

The California Raisins' Christmas special is PRETTY great, you guys. Raisins themselves? Still the worst fruit of all time. Also, Devo is back there.

5. Dee Snider

From Twisted Sister! His wife is a costume designer and they've been married for over 30 years, which I think is both appropriate and endlessly charming.

6. Bubo

This little guy was featured in Clash of the Titans (the one with Maggie Smith and Harry Hamlin, not the one where Liam Neeson released the Kraken). If you have not seen the 80s version, do. It's bonkers.

7. Jason Voorhees

From Friday the 13th, Parts 1 through a million.

8. ALF

How is NO ONE ELSE talking about HOW WEIRD it was that ALF ate cats but this guy? IT IS SO WEIRD.

9. Q*bert

You guys, I JUST realized that Q*bert is named Q*bert because CUBES.

10. Cliff Clavin

Portrayed by John Ratzenberger on Cheers. John Ratzenberger is actually one of the highest-grossing movie actors because the only movies he's in? Pixar films. Good choices, John!

11. Teen Wolf

Michael J. Fox at the top of his game!

12. Erik Estrada in a CHiPs uniform

Erik Estrada seems nice, you guys.

13. Blurry Rainbow Moon Boots

I saw these fly by and was like "MOON BOOTS" and then I Googled it for you and YOU CAN STILL BUY THESE.

14. Chucky

There are SIX Child's Play movies. SIX. WHAT.

15. Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter doesn't get a featured part, but he is rocking it out back there. He's a wrestler - in case his outfit didn't make that clear.

16. Hulk Hogan (and Slim Goodbody)

According to his Wiki page, Hulk is "semi-retired." Also, remember Slim Goodbody? His unitards cost $4000 each!

17. The DeLorean

Come on. You know this one.

18. Slimer

He shows up too late for the rampage and is sad. BUSTIN' MAKES ME FEEL GOOOOOD

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