These 18 Totally Bonkers Russian Wedding Photos Will Astonish and Inspire You

Oh man, I love when a new batch of crazy Russian wedding photos makes the rounds. Now, it must be said that I have seen photos AT LEAST this bad on my own Facebook feed, so this is not a specifically-Russian phenomenon. This latest batch actually has some that are pretty cute...but they devolve into the usual complete insanity.
1. Wooden Frame
This is a totally normal, cute photo. Presumably these are their witnesses flanking them. This is a TERRIBLE example of a "crazy wedding photo."
2. Accordions
Yo, if I played accordion and my new husband and his dad did too, I would totally take this wedding photo. NOT CRAZY.
3. Accordion AND Trumpet
Again, they are just trying to show off the instruments they play. Not sure about that statue.
4. Say Yes to the Dress
Her dress is beautiful and she wants to display it! What better way than with ALL THE DUDES?
5. Say Yes to the Rug
This one is starting to get a little wacky with the "sitting on shoulders" aspect, but haven't you ever been in a wedding party? "Now one 'fun' one!!"
6. Headlock
Again, sort of a "classic" wedding pose - HAHA, she's got him now!! While the merits of a wedding photo implying that the groom was forced into it are, uh, debatable, this one ranks higher than it might otherwise because of that creepy elephant.
7. Arrow
Wait, so is that Cupid's arrow? Did she steal it? Why does she look so suspicious? Why is she in a river? What's that crown? What is happening here?
8. Family Photo!
Again, this is pretty much just a picture of the fam, like you'd see at most weddings. This gets put here because of the great "middle of a random street" setting and the confusing layout of people. Get closer together!
9. A Cow's Butt
You have totally taken a photo like this on vacation. Butt shenanigans are universal.
10. Your Face is Now a Wheel
Okay, now we're starting to get into the good stuff. Why are they the wheels? Is this a metaphor? How can she be IN the car AND also a wheel? Why is he pushing the car?
11. The Shrunken Groom
A classic.
12. The Shrunken Bride (and Sexy Salami Pose)
Don't put her in that pocket!
13. The Shrunken Bride Gets Blown Away
Is he blowing her a kiss or trying to murder her?
14. Stop Looking At Me, Swan
At least in this one, they're BOTH shrunken. Starting their marriage on equal footing.
15. Violin Bride and...Fay Wray Bride?
He is DEFINITELY playing her like a violin in that first one. The second one? No idea.
16. Double Grooms Remove Bride From a Store Window
Uh. Okay.
17. Lifting a Car
I hope that's your car.
18. You Are Now Centaurs
This is easily the craziest of the batch, but I will ABSOLUTELY ask my wedding photographer to re-create this.

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