The 9 Most Epic Olympic Figure Skating Wipeouts Ever

If you're like me, you watch figure skating coverage for what I call the Three F's of Figure Skating:

1. Fashion
2. Flying Through The Air
3. Falls.

Yes, I'm impressed by their athletic prowess, but it's sort of cathartic to see someone bite it. It's like watching a sad movie - the human condition, man. Here, we round up 9 of the most heartbreaking falls ever seen in the Olympics.

1. Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini, 1984.

A collision during their short program bested these Canadian pairs skaters at the Olympics in Sarajevo, but they did go on to win the World Championships a month later. Happy Ending!

2. Kurt Browning, 1992.

Fellow Canadian Kurt Browning's short program in Albertville was the reverse of Underhill and Martini - he came into the games as reigning world champ and left with no medals at all, due to this fall during his tripel axel.

3. Laetita Hubert, 1992.

French skater Hubert's fall here isn't actually that bad - except it's the first of a BUNCH of falls in her long program in Albertville. Watch the whole video to hear the commenters just sort of give up.

4. Mandy Wötzel and Ingo Steuer, 1994.

This calamitous crashfrom the German pairs skaters occurred just after one of the commenters remarks that Steuer's had three concussions. And they say football is dangerous!

5. Brian Boitano, 1994.

American Brian Boitano actually turned pro after the 1988 Olympics, but then reinstated as an amateur to be able to compete in 1994's games in Lillehammer, making this fall particularly heartbreaking.

6. Michelle Kwan, 2002.

Michelle Kwan's last chance for gold was thwarted by this biffed triple flip during her free skate in Salt Lake City in 2002. The American ended up taking the bronze that year, but it was her last Olympic showing.

7. Barbara Fusar-Poli and Maurizio Margaglio, 2006

The Italian ice dancers had a narrow lead going into their original dance at the Torino games, until at the VERY end of the routine, Margaglio drops Fusar-Poli. Watch the video to see her glare angrily at him for a full 30 seconds before leaving the ice.

8. Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao, 2006

This pair skating team from China still placed second at the 2006 games, even after this nasty-looking splits taken by Zhang Dan during their free skate.

9. Midori Ito, 1991

Though this fall didn't happen during the Olympics, I'm including it anyway. Japanese skater Midori Ito took a spill right off the rink during the 1991 World Championships, finishing fourth in the event overall. She gets right back on the ice, though!

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