10 Crazy and Amazing Outfits From the US Olympic Figure Skating Team

Are you ready for the Olympics? I am certainly ready to find out what everyone is wearing! The US figure skating championships were held just last month, and we're taking a look at what everyone wore there to try to assess their potential for Olympic glory - or gaudiness! Let's start with the women:
1. Gracie Gold
Yes, her name is Gracie Gold. I guess it's better than being named Betty Bronze? This young lady won the gold at the US Figure Skating Championships - here she is looking a bit like Leann Rimes in a blue bedazzled frock. It's clean and pretty, with a nice ombre effect, giving her a skater-Cinderella look.
In her short program, she sticks with a bold primary color with a touch of glitter, this time in velvet. If you like classic, Gracie Gold is the gal for you.

Our Prediction: Something pretty and classic, like Marnie's outfits on Girls. On ice.
2. Polina Edmunds
She's just 15, and took the silver at the US Championships. Here in her free skate, she's evoking a bit of Grecian goddess with the requisite glitter.
In her short program, she went with a variety of yellows, a bold move with her pale coloring, but I think it worked out well.

Our Prediction: Something that looks like it could inspire a cake decorator in a white or pastel.
3. Ashley Wagner
The eldest of the three women skaters at 22, Wagner placed third in the US Championships. Here, she sports a severe, dark red look that could be lengthened into an Oscar dress for Sandra Bullock (with a few of the sparkles removed).
Her short program look was very similar: dark, sharp, and generally more Disney villain than princess.

Our Prediction: She'll stick with something dark - eggplant might look great - with severe angles, like an icebound Maleficent.

Next up: the men!
4. Jeremy Abbott
28-year-old Abbott represented the US in the 2010 games and returns as US champion. Here, he wears what appears to be a galaxy-print top inspired by the color palette of Blade Runner. Kind of boss, actually.
His short program featured a lovely deep purple henley top with some subdued glitter. Available in Topshop this spring.

Our Prediction: Abbott looks like he's about to hit the club. Black pants and a top with just a hint of drama will be his MO. He saves MOST of the drama for his posing.
5. Jason Brown
The younger of America's two male skaters is also the more funky, costume-wise. His free skate at US championships featured a glorious teal top with ALL SORTS OF THINGS happening. Lace-up neckline! Shells or something! Embroidery! Sparkles! A HUGE BELT! Jason, I love you.
For his short program, he went with a Jessica McClintock jacket with SHEER SLEEVES and pants with a TRAIL OF JEWELS. This guy is NOT PLAYING.

Our Prediction: One to watch. He's no Johnny Weir, but he has potential for some real crazy looks.

Now, let's check out our pairs.
6. Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir
Castelli and Shnapir competed in the US championships in what at first appears to be a relatively sedate black-and-white combo look. She's in the LBD of skating outfits, he's in a simple shirt and tie. But what's that on his shoulder?
But their short program was back to black.

Our Prediction: Unlikely to wow us at Sochi, at least sartorially.
7. Felicia Zhang and Nathan Bartholomay
Zhang's outfit here is a GREAT color for her, but the details on it are best appreciated close-up. Felicia, get some sequins on you, girl!! Bartholomay is rocking sort of a Prince Eric-style shirt here...
This dress even sort of looks like that dress Ariel wears during the carriage ride...

Our Prediction: Hard to tell. The two looks are fairly different, so this could be a wild card. Keep an eye on these two.

And finally: ICE DANCE.
8. Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Ice dancers don't have to do all the jumping that pairs skaters do, but it's challenging in different ways - this handy guide gives a good rundown of the differences. Davis looks pretty excited! White looks confused (but dapper). I like their black-tie aesthetic.
Their free skate brings a little more interest, with belly jewels for Davis and some cool-looking embroidery for White.

Our Prediction: Like Gracie Gold, these two are going for classic. Should be nice but not overdone.
9. Madison Chock and Evan Bates
You can't really tell that well, but that's a (faux, I'd imagine) collar on her white outfit. This look is a little plain. Fortunately, they make up for it with their short program look:
YES GIRL. WHAT is that? Are you an ice mermaid? What happened to your skirt? Did a bear eat it? And sir, were you aware that you are a baby John C. Reilly?

Our Prediction: Looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table - especially if it's got lots of chiffon.
10. Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani
My personal favorites, the Shib Sibs, combine figure skating spangles with wearable looks. In their US championship short program, Maia wore a sensible purple frock covered in sequins, while Alex complemented her in simple black and white.
In their free skate, which was clearly VERY dramatic, they matched a bit better, with black and fishnet and glitter and velvet and EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD.

Our Prediction: Great things can come from these two. Look at those faces.

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