The 14 Most Unbelievable Ski Jump Crashes. You Have To See These!

Ski jumping is a sport I am equally fascinated and horrified by. First of all: how do you even START to learn ski jumping? At some point, you just have to JUMP OFF A THING AT HIGH SPEEDS. Second, "success" in this sport is, like, landing without crashing. I admire all these guys (and they're all guys, because women's ski jump was added to the Olympics THIS YEAR), but I do not claim to understand why they might do this.

With that said, let's watch them all fall down again and again!

1. Pavel Ploc, 1980

I said "oh no" out loud when I saw this one. This Czech athlete later ran for Parliament!

2. Horst Bulau, the 80s

I couldn't figure out when this one happened, but Bulau was Canada's best ski jumper for most of the 1980s. This time, though, he didn't quiiiiite make it.

3. Robert Selbekk Hansen, 1987

This Norwegian flyer took quite the spill. Oof.

4. Andreas Goldberger, 1992

This Austrian competed for his home country, but after being banned for cocaine use in 1997, declared that he would compete for Yugoslavia instead! Here he is crashing.

5. Valery Kobelev, 1999

This crash by the Russian jumper actually put him into an induced coma, but he eventually recovered.

6. Arthur Khamidullin, 2000

This was Khamidullin's last jump - he survived with a concussion, but left the sport soon after.

7. Robert Kranjec, 2001

This Slovenian jumper would go on to win a bronze at the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake City, so this failed jump clearly didn't stop him.

8. Frank Löffler, 2001

This was one of the German skier's last jumps, as he retired in 2001.

9. Janne Ahonen, 2005

This Finn has retired from ski jumping TWICE, but can't seem to stay away! He won the silver in both the 2002 and 2006 Olympics, and declared his intentions of winning an individual medal this year as well. Good luck!

10. Jan Mazoch, 2007

This crash also resulted in an induced coma, with Mazoch returning to the sport about 7 months later.

11. Bjørn Einar Romøren

This Norwegian jumper seriously looks like a model. No joke. Look at his Wikipedia page.

12. Anders Jacobsen, 2013

This Norwegian jumper is also handsome. He used to be a plumber!

13. Thomas Morgenstern, 2014

This crash happened less than a month ago. And the Austrian athlete might still compete in the Sochi games! What?! YOU ARE BONKERS, FRIEND.

14. Wolfgang Loitzl, 2004

I saved this one for last because it's less "ouch" and more "awwwww." This poor guy. He's Austrian too (and also super cute). He later won a gold in the team event in the Vancouver games.

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