No One Wanted This Sweet Dog. But There's A Happy Ending...The Photos Made Me Cry

Animal shelters often have a number of senior dogs and pit bulls that stay there for months and months, waiting to be adopted. Three elderly nuns from Nyack, NY have just reduced that number by one.

Remy, a 9-year-old pit bull, had been at the Hi Tor Animal Care Center for three months with no interest, until Sisters Veronica Mendez, Virginia Johnson and Alice Goldsmith showed up after their previous dog passed away suddenly.

The sisters and their new friend

The sweet pit bull immediately took to the nuns, who knew right away she was meant to be theirs. "She just got right up there," Sister Virginia told Today. "She said, 'This must be my new family.'"

Sister Virginia hugs Remy - it must be love!

Older animals are often overlooked, but these three senior sisters are perfectly matched to this senior pet!

Sister Veronica helps Remy model her new jacket.

You can find out more about the Hi Tor Animal Care Center on their website or Facebook page - where you'll also find plenty of cute animal pictures!

Via Today