16 Stunningly Beautiful Photos of Lenticular Clouds Will Leave You Breathless

Lenticular clouds are lens-shaped clouds that lead to some incredibly beautiful photos. We rounded up some of the best photos of this amazing phenomenon.
1. Lenticular clouds form in the troposphere.
2. They typically occur in mountainous areas.
3. They are basically the most gorgeous clouds.
4. They are beautiful at night.
5. They are occasionally mistaken for UFOs.
6. They sometimes look like a hat for a mountain.
7. They sometimes look like a beautiful spaceship.
8. They sometimes make you think of Cloud City.
9. They are particularly gorgeous at sunset.
10. Sometimes they remind you a little bit of Q*bert.
11. Seriously, what if you saw this in real life?
12. I would freak out.
13. This looks like the mountain is going through a transporter. BUT IT'S JUST CLOUDS.
14. Even the famous Mount Fuji can have them.
15. So amazing. Thank you, nature!
But if those still photos weren't enough for you...check out this amazing time-lapse sunset:


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