This Hairy Human Typeface Is Unbelievably Gross But Also Totally Awesome

Design studio Kerozen has had a custom typeface created for their annual calendar by French creative director JC Debroize - and it's absolutely, skin-crawlingly gross. That doesn't diminish how incredibly cool it is, though. Check out the letters - complete with skin, hair, and eyes - that make up the typeface below!
N is for No, I Don't Like This.
K is for Kreepy.
O is for Oh My God, Gross.
E is for Eeeeeeewwwww.
R is for Really Gross.
Z is for Zip Up My Eyes, I Don't Want to Look.
E is for Eeeeeeeewwww I Wasn't Done Saying Eeeeeewwwww Yet.
The full, terrifying set.
How many more of these do you want to look at?
So you really don't like them?

via Design Taxi

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