This Reporter Could Not Possibly Be Any More Freaked Out By Snow Storms. Seriously.

A reporter for a FOX affiliate in Pennsylvania has the worst bedside manner imaginable for someone whose job is to comfort the afflicted. In this case, folks on the east coast dealing with a tremendous amount of cold and snow. Death and Taxes passes along a lengthy rant from "Good Day Philadelphia" correspondent Karen Hepp, reporting from the borough of West Chester, part of which goes like this:

We're going to be having people dying in the next couple of days. We're going to be losing heat in many of our homes. People are going to be making poor choices. We're gonna see people use candles. We will have many, many fires. We will see some of the heaters catch fires. We will see people bring generators in their houses.

This is the time to look and say 'What am I gonna do to survive tonight?'

As D&T's Brian Abrams jabs, "OK, Mom, we got it."

Via Death and Taxes.