This Adorable Cat Living In Home Depot For 13 Years Is Not Getting Evicted After All

The Home Depot in Bluffton, South Carolina, has everything you'd expect to find in a hardware store and one thing you probably wouldn't -  a resident cat.

The cat, named "Depot," has been living inside of the Bluffton Home Depot for 13 years, keeping an eye on things and greeting customers during the day. But it was the cat's nocturnal activities - triggering the motion sensors on the building's alarm system - that had management considering an "eviction" for the feline squatter.

But in response to public outcry, including a petition to keep "Depot" in his long-time home, management has relented, saying through a spokesperson that the cat is welcome.

Unless someone can provide her a better home, she can stay.

The organizer of the petition, a regular customer who visits the area from New York, said they were happy with the outcome.

I've always liked having the cat in the store when I visit... It was always friendly. The gist of it is, would you want to be yanked out of your home where you've lived your whole life?

Via The Charlotte Observer