17 Photos of a Hot Guy and His Super Cute Pug Having Fun. Click Here Now. You Want To.

This guy's name is Jerreth.
He has a pug named Winston.
They have a good life together that Jerreth likes to document in photos.
This is good for the world because they are adorable.

1. They chill in hammocks.
2. They play video games.
3. They watch the game.
4. They make beautiful music.
5. They have non-coffee Starbucks drinks.
6. Winston defeats everyone at poker.
7. They paint tiny figurines.
8. They play teeny-tiny table tennis.
9. They serve face.
10. They celebrate with sombreros.
11. They do some quality relaxation.
12. Like serious relaxation.
13. They learn while wearing a Jägermeister shirt.
14. They wait for Santa.
15. They go to the Gothic Castle.
16. And they dress up as Finn and Jake. Mathematical!

Via Sad and Useless

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