Who Needs A Fancy Alarm System? A Burglar Was Just Scared Off By A Plastic Fish.

Take me to the river, drop me in the water...and give me a medal for bravery, damn it!

A Big Mouth Billy Bass hanging beside the entrance to a bait and tackle shop in Rochester, Minnesota managed to freak out a burglar and send him a runnin', Boing Boing reports. The suspect kicked down the door to "Hooked on Fishing" but was then startled by the outta nowhere crooning of an animatronic fish. During working hours the BMBB serves as a way to notify the shop's owner that a customer's arrived, but last Monday night the fish-out-of-water served another purpose.

"Authorities say the supposed burglar was so spooked, nothing was taken from the shop," reports local media.

Unfortunately Mr. Bass was unable to prevent damage to the door, which will cost $700 to repair. But then you can only ask so much of something mounted to the wall. Still, here's a reminder of just what BMBB is capable of:

Via Boing Boing.