12 Inspiring Galentines to Send to Your Best Friends in the World

Valentine's Day is coming up, which is the source of SO MUCH EMOTION for coupled and singled people alike. Thankfully for all of us, Leslie Knope has devised an alternate holiday on February 13, Galentine's Day, as a way to celebrate your lady friends, not your romantic entanglements.

We asked our besties who their celebrity best pals were and made a few cards based on the responses. Send these to your BFF!
1. Milkshakes with Jennifer.
2. Drink wine with Kerry.
3. People watching with Sandy B.
4. Brunch with Amy and Tina.
5. Shopping with Lupita.
6. Dance party with Julia.
7. Pull pranks with Melissa.
8. Karaoke with Anna.
9. Midnight movie with Mindy.
10. Crash a dinner party with Helen.
11. Pizza party with Emma.
12. Limo ride with Dolly.

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