The Norwegian Curling Team's Pants Are As Wonderful And Glorious As Promised

As we learned before the games, the Norwegian curling team was planning to debut some amazing pants at the 2014 Olympics. And boy, were they right. The pants are everything we'd hoped for and more.
They celebrate their nation's flag.
Additionally, they have awesome names. This photo shows Thomas Ulsrud, second from left, and teammate Torger Nergaard, second from right, enjoying how great they look in their pants.
They can rock them short OR long.
These florals will strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.
Let's see those closer up.
Yep. Flowers. Awesome.
This design evokes thoughts of Mondrian.
Here we have Haavard Vad Petersson, left, and Christoffer Svae showing off their artsy pants.
I'd be dancing too, in those pants.
Well done, Norway.

But little did we know that RUSSIA has also entered the battle for best pants!
Not bad, Russia.
Alexey Stukalskiy is looking sharp in his paisley-ish duds.
They're like Zubaz, but classier.
I'm a fan. But they'll never beat Norway. Norway is the best. The best in terms of pants.

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