The 24 Best Moments Of The Craziest Skating Routine Ever - In GIF Form

Did you know that in 2005, Evgeni Plushenko did an insane routine? Well, he did. A routine that involved:
  • A red pleather jacket
  • A gold tank top
  • A giant comb
  • Tear-away stripper pants
  • Gold Rocky Horror-style briefs

  • This dance move happened:

    Then a jacket flap:

    Then whatever this is:

    Then some sensuous booty revolutions:

    Yeah, lose the jacket:

    Fancy footwork:

    Shoulder isolations:

    Some sort of yogic Street Fighter move:

    Gurrrrrrl, those shoulders:

    Get that shirt off!!!:

    Don't worry, the muscles are fake:

    OH YES.

    But THEN:

    Don't forget: he is a SKATER:

    But also a showman.

    He's gotta fix his hair now...

    Because it's time to LOSE THOSE PANTS:

    Oh my:

    More booty maneuvers:



    Ice drama:

    One more spin to remind us that, yes, dude is a SKATER:

    And finally, full satisfaction:

    As though that wasn't enough, the whole thing was performed to the Tom Jones song "Sex Bomb" - one of my personal faves. But some plucky youngster has gone ahead and set the routine to Ginuwine's classic jam "Pony," resulting in the best video in the world:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Jezebel

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