20 Rad Lego Creations Prove That Everything is Awesome

The Lego Movie is doing tremendously at the box office (with good reason!), so we thought we'd round up a few of our favorite Lego structures we've come across. Millions of people enjoy Legos in trillions of ways - these are just a few of the coolest!
1. The Sydney Opera House!
This Lego creation by Ryan McNaught is incredibly detailed. Check out his Flickr page for more shots!
2. The Taj Mahal!
The Taj Mahal is one of the most famously beautiful man-made structures - Arthur Gugick has interpreted it here with Lego bricks.
3. St Basil's Cathedral!
Arthur Gugick is also responsible for this awesome version of Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral. Check out his website for other cool buildings.
4. Dandelion Mural!
Brickworkz puts together amazing artwork made solely of Lego bricks - like this gorgeous dandelion.
5. Light-up Fire!
This piece made the rounds a while back - with one lighting source, this Lego creation evokes the feeling of real fire. Cole Blaq, great job!
6. Semi Truck!
The Brick Baron created this steerable truck entirely out of Lego!
7. Star Wars Destroyer
This intricate piece by iomedes is actually a REPUBLIC VENATOR CLASS ATTACK CRUISER. Obviously.
8. Serenity
And speaking of spacecraft - here's Captain Mal's vessel, created by Adrian Drake.
9. Enormous Aircraft Carrier
This incredible mega-piece was built to minifig scale by Ralph Savelsberg - it's huge!
10. Brickley the Sea Dragon
This friendly monster lives outside of the Lego store in Orlando.
11. Stegosaurus!
Henry Lim created this dino - you can see him standing behind it for scale!
12. Lego Friends Cat!
Ryan McNaught also created this large-scale version of the Lego friends cat out of Legos. It's a meta-cat!
13. Dog 'n' Bone!
This dog by Bram Lambrecht is holding tight to his bone - which is also made of Lego bricks!
14. Soaring Hawk
Nathan Sawaya is generally regarded as one of the top Lego artists - it's easy to see why! He created this hawk by studying real hawks and replicating their markings in Lego form.
15. The State of Iowa!!
Sean Kenney, another titan of the Lego art community, made this fun "map" piece celebrating our 29th state.
16. Thor!!!
Evan Bacon, a teenager who's making his mark on the Lego art world, created this amazing full-scale Thor. He's hollow so he's not too heavy!
17. Poseidon
The Brick Baron - who made the sweet truck above - was also responsible for this depiction of the king of the sea in Lego.
18. The Ghostbusters
This one's a little smaller than the other pieces we've seen - but still impressive! Angus MacLane has created many movie-themed Lego dudes - check out his Flickr page for more!
19. Baseball Fielder!
Sean Kenney is also responsible for this piece, a baseball player making a great play.
20. This.....Thing.
Another one from Nathan Sawaya, this one is pretty much inexplicable - but very cool nonetheless!

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