Billy Ray Cyrus Released a Sequel to Achy Breaky Heart and It Is As Bananas As You'd Hope

You read that right.

Buck 22, Dionne Warwick's son, provides the updated beats.
It starts with Larry King. Obviously.
He explains that there is a spacecraft over Kentucky.
Billy Ray and this child see the spaceship.
The child reacts appropriately.
Then they go through this portal.
Portal provided by that one part of O'Hare Airport with the laser lights.
The child is transported to the spaceship...
...and transformed into Buck 22!
Billy Ray is also transported to the ship.
He is not transformed into anyone.
The spaceship is piloted by hot babes.
The hot babes play guitars too!
Buck 22 is shot at a dutch angle because he's cool.
The coolest angle.
The babes like dancing.
There is twerking.
Of course.
Girl. You are just wearing electrical tape.
I mean, you look good though.
The babes have amazing makeup.
Looks like me after I get in a Pinterest spiral.
I don't know where this band came from.
Do they live on the spaceship?
Billy Ray is ROCKING IT.
At this point, he shouts "Wrecking ball!" but I really thought he said "Racquetball!"
This child is not amused.
Wait. I thought you turned into Buck 22!!
Finally we see the exterior of the spaceship.
It looks pretty cool, actually?
Twerking. Again.
BRC (as he is referred to several times) cannot stay off his baby girl's coattails.
This doesn't seem nice.
Space cigarettes?
This lady is the best.
Additional twerking.
Seriously though their butts are, like, amazing.
Now for some fully clothed dancers.
Making that heart sign.
The babes want to know if you want a beverage.
The fully clothed dancers turn out to be the beat freaks.
The one on the left was sick the day everyone else got jackets.
Finally, BRC and Buck are just two cool dudes being friends.
There's a lot left unanswered here. Why was this spaceship anywhere near earth? Are the babes aliens? Do fiddles work the same way in space? What if BRC really did say racquetball? And why doesn't Larry King come back at the end? We may never know. For now, all we have this this bonkers video. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to buy a bunch of electrical tape.

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