11 Of The Most Embarrassing Public Proposals Gone Wrong Will Make You Glad You're Single

Marriage is something you should enter into with someone you love. Someone you know well. Someone with whom you have a partnership and want to share your life with. So when you propose to that someone, it's (hopefully) not coming as a total surprise.

However, SURPRISE PUBLIC PROPOSALS are, for some reason, super popular, even though the TOP FEAR on most "Biggest Fears" lists is "public speaking." I get that you want to share your love with the world, but randos in the food court? Not a good look. Here, see some of the craziest, most embarrassing, and sometimes fakest FAILED proposals.

1. Jilted at the Jesus Jam.

Oh dear. This guy thought it would be a good idea to pop the question at something called the Jesus Jam. The Lord was not with him in that moment.

2. Turned Down on the TV.

Australian TV, sure, but still TV.

3. Singing Solo at a Concert

If you pull someone up onstage, MAKE SURE THEY LIKE BEING ONSTAGE.

4. And Another Concert.

Maybe you should have, like, checked first.

5. So Awkward.

Oh dear.

6. In The Food Court?

"I love you. Now let's have some Sbarro."

7. The Ever-Popular Baseball Game Proposal.

This is a great idea if you both love baseball. It is not a great idea if you aren't sure of the answer.

8. Up on the Jumbotron.

Also a popular option. I think this one is fake, but it still stings.

9. Left Alone on the Basketball Court.

Ya burnt.

10. A Ukulele Over the Head.

This one is definitely fake, but it makes me laugh anyway.

11. Ceiling Surprise.

I'm not sure exactly what's going on here, since these appear to be high school students, who have NO business getting engaged, but I can totally get behind hiding in a ceiling.

Hot tip: maybe you should know the person you're planning to marry well enough to know that their idea of fun isn't a public spectacle. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, ROMANCE IS THE WORST.