See 11 Presidents and First Ladies Photoshopped Into Their Secret Service Code Names

by Anna Marquardt
You're probably aware of the Secret Service. You're probably aware that the Secret Service has a code name for the President and the First Lady. But were you aware that many of these code names are very enjoyable? Here, we see what it might look like if a few presidents and first ladies really did look like their secret service names.
Harry S. and Bess Truman

He's "General." She's "Sunnyside."

John F. and Jackie Kennedy

He's "Lancer." She's "Lace."

3. Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.

He's "Volunteer." She's "Victoria." That's their dog Yuki!

4. Richard and Pat Nixon

He's "Searchlight." She's "Starlight." Here they are with Johnny and June Carter Cash.

5. Gerald and Betty Ford.

He's "Passkey." She's "Pinafore."

6. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

He's "Lock Master." (What???) She's "Lotus Flower."

7. Ronald and Nancy Reagan

He's "Rawhide." She's "Rainbow."

8. George H.W. and Barbara Bush

He's "Timberwolf." She's "Snowbank."

9. Bill, Hillary Rodham, and Chelsea Clinton.

He's "Eagle." She's "Evergreen." Chels is "Energy."

10. George W. and Laura Bush

He's "Tumbler." She's "Tempo."

11. Barack and Michelle Obama

He's "Renegade." She's "Renaissance."

h/t to Nutty for this idea.

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