The 17 Most Amazing Things That Happened In This Super 80s Music Video From Klymaxx

Have you ever seen the music video for "Meeting in the Ladies Room" by Klymaxx? Yes, Klymaxx. It is a great music video.

This song is THE JAM, as demonstrated by these great moments.

1. This Dancing Man in a Polka Dot Sweater.

He comes back later, DON'T WORRY.

2. This Incredible Commitment to Everything.

Her enunciation is flawless, as are her earrings.

3. When She Watches Over The Club Like a Goddess.

She knows what you are doing with her man, and she does not like it.

4. This Elevator Full of Additional Party.

3rd Floor: JAMS.

5. When This Guy Dances Close-Up.

He is good at it.

6. When He Dances, But Wide-Angle Style.

He is still good at it.

7. This Wig.

Anyone who says they don't want this wig is a liar.

8. This White Lady.

She does not even care. You work that casual ringleader look, girl.

9. Both of These Women.

Be. Back. Real. Soon.

10. This Background Guy.

He and his fanny pack will also return for more.

11. These Fake Mirrors.

What is this, a high school production of How to Succeed?

12. This Woman.

Meeting. In the. Ladies Room.

13. Everyone In This Shot.

You are all wonderful.

14. This Spin Fade Out.


15. More Dancing.

Honestly, I cannot get enough.

16. Those Two Guys From Before, But Together.

Orange friends.

17. These People.

What is ANYONE wearing?? I love you all.

Here's the video in full effect:

The next time you need to go to the ladies' room, bust out some of these moves.