11 Pets Wearing Fake Eyelashes Are Simultaneously Supercute and Confusing

Gamer blog Kotaku identified a micro-trend this week circling the Internet: pets in fake eyelashes. When miomio3030 tweeted a picture of this super cute Pomeranian wearing falsies, it got retweeted over 10,000 times. Kotaku rounded up a few more pictures - and with a little digging, we found a few more!
Daisy is going out for a nice dinner.
Boris knows he looks fabulous.
Pickles just likes to have fun.
Charles Barkley isn't so sure about these.
Jazzy thinks she got the wrong size lashes.
Buster isn't sure about any of this.

But it's not limited to just dogs.
Tunafish thinks these lashes make him look too angry.
Jennifer Clawrence hates this.
Janice wants you to reapply these.
Okay, these aren't fake lashes.
They're earrings. But this was too good.

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