These Stray Dogs in Sochi Were Going to Be Killed. But Then Something Wonderful Happened.

The stray dog population in Sochi increased greatly during the massive construction leading up to the Olympics - many construction workers would feed them to use as guard dogs. Unfortunately for the dogs, they soon outlive their usefulness and become strays.

A group of activists committed to relocating the dogs to places where they can be adopted is making some progress in getting these animals off the street - these pictures below will make you cry (in a good way, we hope)!
Igor Airapetian loads a stray into his car.
Igor and other activists have created a system to transfer the dogs to safety.
They met at a rendezvous point 120km from the Olympic area.
This guy, Alexei, shuttled many dogs to a safer life.
Officials in Sochi ordered that thousands of strays be killed.
Alexei, Igor, and others like them want to try to save as many as they can.
This dog is off to a forever home, likely in Moscow.
And that's something to wag your tail about.

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