13 Betsey Johnson Outfits That Look Awesomely Inspired by the Muppets

New York Fashion Week is wrapping up, and Betsey Johnson showed her usual jam of bonkers, fun looks for people who like to be seen. We noticed that this year's collection was more than a little bit inspired by some of the Muppets.
1. This Kermit-y Coat.
It's so easy being green.
2. This Miss Piggy-Inspired Ensemble.
I think this book informed a lot of my life choices. Mostly with regard to opera gloves.
3. This Miss Piggy Glamour Look.
She would wear this.
4. This Pigs in Space Skirt.
I mean.
5. This Pigs in Space JUMPSUIT.
Okay, the color's different, but the spirit is there.
6. This Gonzoesque Dress.
Black and blue and weird all over.
7. This Reverse Big Bird Ensemble.
That yellow.
8. This Sam the Eagle Jumpsuit.
I just feel like he'd dig its relatively sedate color.

But the real winners in this collection were the members of the Electric Mayhem:
9. This Animalistic Pairing.
Those colors! That fur!!
10. This Dr. Teeth Faux Fur Coat.
He'd wear that.
11. This Janice Dress.
She'd totally wear that.
12. This Floyd-y Vest 'n' Top.
13. This Zoot Suit.
Time for a sax solo.

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