11 of ABBA's Most Outrageous, Totally 70s Outfits

ABBA - you know, the Swedish pop group from the 70s that sang "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia" and had a jukebox musical created about them that was then made into a movie starring a drunk Meryl Streep? Them? Sure you do. You know how they always wore completely bananas outfits? Well, according to a new book released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their win at Eurovision, their outfits were so crazy because of tax laws. Any stage outfits could be counted as deductions - as long as they were SO outrageous that no one would wear them on the street. Let's take a look at some of the best, most outrageous, most tax-deductible ensembles sported by the Swedish songbirds.
1. Their Eurovision Debut Outfits.
"Okay, so I'll make an orange skirt out of like 4 skirts. And you can wear royal blue satin bellbottom capri jodhpurs with boots. It makes TOTAL sense."
"But what about Benny?"
"Obviously he needs silver knee-high boots. Duh."
2. Skintight Everything.
Like a swimsuit, but clothes.
3. Evel Knievel Goes to the Circus.
No one goes without platform shoes. No one.
8. Evel Knievel Goes to the Circus: After Dark
The same outfits - but smoldering.
5. For the Boys: All the Pants. For the Girls: No Pants Whatsoever.
And Björn, make sure you get that tan blouse from the cast of 9 to 5.
6. Hearts and Sequins and Also Cowboys and Also Bellybuttons.
I don't know about this one. I definitely wear my hot pink skintight jumpsuit with a heart-shaped cutout around my navel just, like, around. To the grocery store or whatever.
7. Champagne Tunics and Gold, Gold, Gold.
It's like if Auric Goldfinger had a backing band.
8. Catsuits For Everyone, Except Benny.
Benny, you get pajamas.
9. Oh No We Forgot to Make Costumes!
"Just uh...just put on some purple unitards and throw some of this fabric on. It'll be fine."
10. Every Color At The Same Time.
No color left behind.
11. Business Casual, ABBA Edition.
Honestly, this is quite sedate, considering.

Via the Guardian

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