12 of Your Favorite R-Rated Films Illustrated in the Style of Kids' Books! These Are Rad.

by Anna Marquardt
Illustrator Josh Cooley made these incredible prints of iconic scenes from classic films (some of which are rated R, and some of which should have been) in the style of children's books. They are awesome. You can buy prints here. (Josh, if you feel like making a Jurassic Park one, holler at me.)
1. Alien

Aw, chestburster.

2. Die Hard

Some of them have a lovely background pattern. Christmas trees!

3. A Clockwork Orange

I think one of the best touches is the well-chosen verbs. "Explained."

4. Jaws


5. Fargo

I also enjoy that inanimate objects get dialogue.

6. Psycho


7. The Silence of the Lambs

Some are just wonderfully-chosen images.

8. Seven

Or am I supposed to write "Se7en"?

9. Pulp Fiction

I don't know how he picked this moment, but great job.

10. The Godfather

The horse head in this one tho.

11. Léon: The Professional

Just a great movie.

12. The Big Lebowski

Also, just great.

There's a bunch more on Imgur, and visit Josh's website to see more of his work! Plus, there's a book coming out next week.

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