Father And Daughter Can't Stop Laughing At These People Wiping Out. It's Actually Really Sweet.

You're parked in front of your daughter's school, waiting for her to come outside so you can drive her home, and you see one child after another slip and fall on the same patch of ice -  what do you do? Did you say get out and warn them of the hazard or help in some way?


Let this guy show you how it's done:

When his daughter finally gets to the car, the man (only identified as "Alan") lets her in on the fun.

Proving that the acorn doesn't fall far from the schadenfreude-loving oak, the two cackle at the misfortune of those slipping on the ice patch together, which is heartwarming in a mildly sociopathic way.

At 5:40 you can hear the girl say, "we're kind of bad people," but you can kind of tell that this is one memory she'll cherish forever.

Via Youtube