These Haunting Photos Bring an Abandoned School Back to Life. So Beautiful and Sad.

There's something kind of heartbreaking about these ghostly images of a then-vibrant Detroit high school superimposed over the abandoned ruins it eventually fell to.

Pictures of the neglected building were posted to a website documenting the decline of Detroit, but somebody took the time to carefully align photos of students and faculty during the school's life over the stark images of abandoned, refuse-strewn classrooms, hallways and auditoriums.

The school, Lewis Cass Technical High School, has since been demolished, but the experiences of the people who passed through it can forever be seen, if only faintly, in these pictures.

Via Bleatly & Detroiturbex

1. School corridor at lunch break.
2. Marching band walking through the auditorium.
3. Biology class.
4. Step aerobics class.
5. School disco.
6. Dress rehearsal.
7. Math class.
8. Volleyball match.
9. School corridor at break time.
10. Locker room.

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