11 Awesome and Delicious Cherry Pie Recipes and Alternatives to Celebrate National Cherry Pie Day

by Anna Marquardt
February 20 is National Cherry Pie Day - and we want to help you celebrate! Whether you're a fan of cherries, pie, or both at the same time, there are a multitude of options for celebration.
1. Cherry Pie with Rye Crust

This recipe uses rye flour for a special twist on the classic recipe!

2. Mini Pies

Use cupcake tins to make these. I KNOW, IT'S SO SIMPLE.

3. Fake McDonald's Cherry Pie

Love Mickey D's pies but hate the way they treat their employees? Make your own pie at home!

4. Edelweiss Cherry Pie

This is just a cherry pie with a fancy-ass crust. I want it. But baked first.

5. Cherry Pie Bars

Are you too scared to make pie crust or too lazy to buy a pie crust? Make these bars!!

6. Cherry Pie CRUMBLE Bars

Want bars, but love crumble? ADD CRUMBLE.

7. Cupcake Pies

This one is a trick. This is just a reggo cupcake with pie filling on top, and frosting piped on to look like crust. So if you love cake more than pie, these are for you.

8. Even Trickier Cupcake Pies

This one DOESN'T EVEN HAVE CHERRIES. Those are red M&Ms. What.

9. Cherry Salad

Midwesterners, you know what's up. This isn't even a dessert. You eat this with the rest of your meal, girl. And you know what? I'LL TAKE IT.

10. Cherry Pie Shakes

No teeth? Try this alternative.

11. The Video for Warrant's "Cherry Pie"

It's VERY silly, but so good, you guys. I mean:

Happy National Cherry Pie Day!!

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