You Need To See This Bonkers Disco Medley Of Beatles Songs. It Is Awesomely Retro.

Italian Dancer Raffaella Carrà apparently loved The Beatles. She loved them so much that she gathered up about 20 of her best dancer friends and did an insane disco medley of eight of the Fab Four's greatest hits. This video was made in 1978, so it reflects the fashions of the day - which is to say, they are positively ABBA-like in their crazitude.

She jumps right in with "Hey Jude" - but a DISCO version. It really is the best genre for this song:

That is followed immediately by this Union-Jack-spangled rendition of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"

In which she stands atop a car and gyrates:

Next up? "Yesterday," which involves skin gems and soulful Press-On Nails:

"Yellow Submarine" is a mostly instrumental number with lots of underwater dancing, of course:

Followed by this interstitial gold jumpsuit situation:

Guess what song this is. You'll never guess.

It's "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da." Obviously.

Then she slows it down some with her hypnotic rendition of "Michelle":

Followed by the traditional nude men with bowler hats and apples everywhere to accompany "A Hard Day's Night."

More soulfulness - and feather boas - with "Something":

But what is that man wearing? I might call it "Nothing."

And at the end, we revisit each completely bananas dance number as we wrap everything up:

It certainly has been a hard day's night, Rafaella.


But you should definitely watch all of it.

It is true art.

Big finish!!!

Here's the full video to experience the disco shenanigans yourself:

Via Dangerous Minds